Benefits And Drawbacks Of Online Learning

Summary: As with most methods of teaching, online learning comes with its own set of advantages as well as negatives. Understanding these positives and negatives will help institutions develop strategies for the efficient delivery of lessons, which will ensure that the learning process is continuous for the students.

Learn everything you need to Know (Good And Bad) about online education

One of the most commonly used terms that has come up after the pandemic was the term “new norm.” A new normal in education involves the increased usage of tools for learning online. The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered innovative ways of learning. Around the globe educational institutions are focusing on online learning platforms in order to continue in the process of teaching students. What is happening now is a different concept of education , with online learning at the heart of this change. Nowadays, online learning has become an essential tool for schools and students across the globe. For a lot of educational institutions, this is an entirely new method of education they’ve had to take on. Online learning can be used in more than just academically but it can also be applied to other extracurricular activities for students, can find more here from Our Articles In recent months, the popularity of online learning has substantially increased and will continue to do so in the future.

As with many teaching techniques that are online, online learning comes with its own set positives and negatives. Understanding the positives and the negatives of this method will aid institutes in establishing methods to better deliver lessons, which will ensure that the learning process is uninterrupted for students.

What are the benefits of Online Learning?

1. Efficiency

Online learning is an efficient method for delivering instruction to the students. The online learning platform includes a myriad different tools, like Podcasts, videos and PDFs and teachers can employ any of these as part on their teaching plans. By taking the lesson plan beyond the traditional textbooks to include online sources, teachers can to become more effective teachers.

2. Accessibility of Time And Place

Another benefit of online education is that it allows students to study from any location of their choice. It also permits schools to expand their reach to an wide range of students rather than being limited to geographical borders. Additionally, online lectures may record, be archived, and made available for future study. This lets students be able to access the course material at times that are convenient for them.

Thus, online learning offers students the accessibility of time and place in education.

3. Affordability

Another benefit of online learning is reduced financial costs. It is also more affordable compared to physical learning. This is due to the fact that online learning removes the costs of student transportation, meals for students and, most importantly, real property. Furthermore, all educational or study materials are online, thereby creating an environment for learning without paper that is less expensive, while also being beneficial for the environmental.

4. Higher Student Attendance

Because online classes can be conducted from the comfort of home or an alternative location so there is less chance of students not getting lessons.

5. Blends With a Variety Of Learning Styles

Every student has a different educational experience and learning style. Some students are visual learners while some students prefer to learn using audio. Some students also thrive in the classroom. However, other students are solo learners who can be distracted by large groups.

A system for online education, which includes its range of options and resources, can be customized in a variety of ways. It’s the best approach to create a perfect learning environment , which is tailored to the requirements of every student.

What are the disadvantages of Online Learning?

1. Inability To Focus On Screens

For many students, one of the biggest issues with online learning is the pressure of being focused on the computer screen for long periods of time. Through online learning, you also have a higher likelihood that students are easily distracted by social media and other websites. It is therefore essential for teachers to keep their online courses clear, engaging, and interactive for students to remain at the center of the class.

2. Technology Issues

Another major issue with online classes is internet connectivity. While internet penetration has increased in leaps and bounds over the last few years, in smaller towns and cities that have a constant connection and decent speed can be a hurdle. In the absence of a reliable internet connection for teachers or students, there is a deficiency of consistency in learning the child. This could be detrimental to the education process.

3. Feeling Of Isolation

Students can learn a lot from being in the company of their peers. However, in an online course, there are hardly any physical interactions between students and teachers. This creates feeling isolated for the students. In this scenario, it is imperative that the school allow for different forms of communication between the students, their peers and teachers. It could be through online messages or emails, as well as video conferencing which will facilitate face-toface interaction and diminish the feeling of loneliness.

4. Teacher Training

Learning online requires teachers to be able to comprehend the basics that digital learning is a form of learning. However, this isn’t the norm in all cases. Most teachers only don’t have a deep understanding of technology. At times, they may not possess the required resources and technology to run online classes.

In order to combat this, is vital for schools to spend money on training teachers to be equipped with the most recent technology advancements so that they can conduct their online classes seamlessly.

5. Control Screen Time

Many parents are concerned about the health risk of spending so long hours staring at a screen. The increase in screen time is among the top problems and negatives of online learning. Sometimes , students can develop poor posture and physical injuries caused by sitting for long periods on a screen.

One solution could be to provide the students frequent breaks away from screens for a refreshment of their mind and their bodies.